Meet the Hoke Family!  My daughter's soccer coach and his wife set this session up as a gift for her parents, and I couldn't be more grateful.  They are a wonderful family.  We booked the session months in advance for early summer to avoid a heat wave, but it was just our luck to hit one of the hottest June dates.  Seriously, you just never know in Illinois!  We came back from Florida this week and it was totally chilly outside.  Despite the heat and swarms of gnats, this family did a fantastic job.

I'm always completely impressed when an extended family books a session and is able to coordinate outfits perfectly. They didn't even ask for advice, and I'd say they nailed it- two to three colors interspersed between tops, bottoms and accessories and mindful of the type of background.

Family farms are the best.  I love seeing people in their own space.  This tractor was perfect and made me miss home a little.  My dad still has our family International that looks very similar to this one.  It was like a little piece of home.  Thank you again for asking me to be your photographer.  Enjoy!