Golden Hours + Maroon

I met this family when Owen, the youngest, was only a few days old.  I immediately felt a strong connection to mom.  She is a teacher too and a fantastic person at heart.  I've always felt super comfortable in her company and conversation has always been easy.  Both her and her husband have raised two truly incredible kiddos.  I still can't believe it has been 5 years.

Meet Avery.  She is kind and sweet all.the.time!  She seems so quiet and reserved, but you catch these glimpses of humor that sneak up so easily.  Avery is wise beyond her years and is a wonderful big sister to her brother.  Every once in awhile I would catch her redirecting Owen and if that didn't work, she would just quickly put him physically into place where I need him to be for the photos and it was all so seamless that I couldn't help but laugh.  And it didn't phase him a bit.

Meet Owen.  I love this boy!  I have a strong connection to children with energy all of their own, mostly because my youngest puts me through the ringer on a regular basis.  I love the gleam in their eyes and that super, sweet sensitive loving side that shows up.  He loved every minute of kissing his sister right after he had just gotten done digging in the dirt. 

Thank you so much Avery for picking out the Gardens for your Milestones Session.  You are an excellent trail guide and as always, I loved hanging out with you all again.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and creating art for your walls.  Your friendship over the past five years means the world to me.  I am super excited for your new beginnings.  Happy Summer!