Twinning in Chicago

Welcome to the world Brown twins!  These two precious babies waited for us to return from vacation for their big day in the spotlight.  At 17 days new, they sure slept amazingly.  We got a really great set of photos of the two of them all snuggly together.  I love photographing twins together!

Isn't he just so sweet?  He is daddy's only little dude.  I'm pretty sure I heard massive amounts of screaming, whoops and hollers all the way from Chicago when this one entered the world.  He has been blessed with three sisters to rule the roost and yet he remains one very chill baby.  There was no need for feedings or rocking him at all.  He wasn't opposed to being stripped down and started perfectly without a fuss.   

And here is his littlest sister.  She was born second and about a pound smaller in size.  She was so itty bitty and snuggled into a tight ball any chance she got.  She is perfect and has the most incredible dimples when you catch her smiling.  Isn't this outfit awesome too?  It's from Mia Joy Studios.  She makes the most gorgeous outfits.  They are always on my Christmas list!  I was so excited to put another 'Brown Newborn' folder in my files.  Congrats and enjoy!