Meet Jeff and Amy.  I met Amy about five years ago while teaching in Chatham.  She is a high school art and does an amazing job with her students.  I had the extreme pleasure of watching her interact with her students and you can tell they love her.  She is on the Central Illinois Scholastics Art Board with me and has led her students to many distinguished awards over the years.  She's not just awesome in the classroom either.  Amy has such a quiet and calm demeanor that makes you feel at home in a new friendship immediately.  I love hanging out with her.

I loved that Amy's mom was a huge part of the family session.  There is nothing better than photographing generations.  I have a very strong connection to my own grandparents, and I am constantly begging my extended family to take pictures with my kiddos.  Many mamas avoid the camera, but we should all be present in more photographs! 

...and the boys.  Thank you for hanging in there!  I remember hiding from my mom's camera at this age.  I wanted nothing to do with anyone paying attention to me, so it is super fun when your photographer asks you to squeeze in really close on a hot summer evening and love on your family ;)  Thank you so much for asking me to capture your family.  Enjoy!