First Communion

Good grief, it has been awhile!  I promised in my last little personal blog that I was getting to a better place in this pregnancy and that you would all be hearing from me more.  That lasted about two weeks, and then little mister started playing some new, fun and exciting games in there, which landed us on a modified bed rest and in the hospital quite a bit.  All is good and he is doing great, but I am reminded frequently that I am old, like old as dirt and my body just isn't what it used to be.  Now that school is out though, and I can nap whenever I want so be prepared to see quite a bit more action on the blog and on Facebook from Studio Bliss…at least we hope for a few more weeks.


Let’s skip back two months…it was freezing and legitimately snowing every weekend, which seems hard to believe at this point.  I had a really great group of girls sign up for some First Communion photographs and everything growing out of the ground was still frozen to death.  This time last year, the park was green and trees were blooming beautifully, but not this year, so a few of them decided to hit the Botanical Gardens for their session.


The other half decided to reschedule and reschedule and reschedule until last month when the weather finally started to turn around and we shot straight to summer. 


I always love these little mini sessions and look forward to them every year.  Congratulations (a little late) to all of our very sweet models.